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Aurora Over the Lake

We had been chasing the northern lights for a couple of days now. After two nights with no results at all, yesterday the gods of Valhalla smiled at us. Well, it takes quite a bit of planning (location-wise) as well as weather and aurora forecast monitoring in addition to some help from Asgard.

Arrived to the location just around sunset, so we had a little time to find the best place. We were eagerly awaiting the dark since hemispheric power already crossed the 30GW line, meaning that a gorgeous display was going to happen. And it did.

Aurora Over the Lake

Aurora Over the Lake

During the night we photographed three locations, and the above image is one of my several favorites. How the Zeiss Otus 1.4/28 on the Canon 5DS R performed is simply breathtaking. It resolves fine filaments, colors are stunning, stars are mostly points (there’s a little bit of coma wide open).

It was the best aurora photography session of my life to date. And not just that, but an unforgettable experience.

Dual Pixel RAW and Kuuvik Capture

Dual Pixel RAW is Canon’s new invention that will see its first release with the EOS 5D Mark IV. There’s some vague marketing info floating around, but haven’t seen a concise description of these files yet. So while updating Kuuvik Capture’s (websitemy posts) RAW decoder to support the 5D Mark IV, I had a chance to dig deeper into Dual Pixel RAWs.

To understand the following discussion, you need to know how Canon’s Dual Pixel AF works, especially how these Dual Pixels are divided into two separate photodiodes. This article by Dave Etchells gives you a thorough explanation.

What is a Dual Pixel RAW file?

Normal CR2 files contain the following sections:

  • Metadata
  • Previews
  • RAW data

The DPRAW file is a CR2 file that contains one more additional section:

  • Metadata
  • Previews
  • RAW data
  • DPRAW data

This organization have a very important implication. Any RAW processing software that does support the normal 5D Mark IV files will be able to open DPRAWs. If the app is unable to interpret the DPRAW data part, it will simply ignore it and will work with the file as a normal RAW. There’s no risk or penalty in taking DPRAWs (besides the huge buffer drop from 21 to 7 frames).

The DPRAW file contains the normal RAW data section to make this compatibility possible, plus one side of each pixel in the DPRAW data section.

The RAW data section contains pixel values with the sum left and right sides of the photodiode, while the DPRAW section contains pixel values from just one side of each photodiode.

The RAW data section contains pixel values with the sum of left and right side photodiodes, while the DPRAW section contains pixel values from just one photodiode of the two.

But how do we get the other side of each pixel to let Dual Pixel aware processing apps do their tricks? It’s easy: since the RAW pixel value is the sum of left and right pixel sides, just subtract the DPRAW pixel value from the RAW pixel value.

This is an unusually clever implementation from Canon, where I’m used to see all kinds of inflexible hacks that look like as if they were designed in the 1980s.

Size-wise, DPRAW files are slightly less than double the size of normal RAWs (since metadata and preview images are stored only once).

How will Kuuvik Capture 2.5 handle DPRAWs?

Not being a RAW converter, Kuuvik Capture needs the RAW data for two purposes: the RAW histogram as well as shadow/highlight warnings (the image displayed on the screen comes from the preview embedded in each CR2 file). For these the RAW data section is totally sufficient, and the app will ignore the DPRAW data section if present in a CR2 file.

The app will display normal RAW and DPRAW files equally fast, but downloading DPRAW files from the camera will take almost twice as much time as normal RAW (because of their larger size).

I assume that there will be a possibility to switch the camera into DPRAW mode remotely (I can’t be sure until my rental unit arrives). If that is the case, then a new preference will let you specify whether you’d like to shoot RAWs or DPRAWs.

No Trespassing, Please

There are two ways up to this waterfall. One of them is picturesque 4km uphill hike along the river. The other is a private dirt road, ending half a kilometer shy of the place. There’s also a huge “No Trespassing” sign on the private road.

Turquoise Waters

Turquoise Waters

Of course we did the hike, and it was an absolutely great experience. Both visually and physically. What bothers me is how many people chose to trespass someone else’s land for the convenience’s sake.

Just think about it. You have something interesting in you backyard: how would you feel when hordes of tourists start to invade your property?