EIZO ColorEdge Monitors with OS X 10.8

As I mentioned in my previous post, EIZO’s ColorNagivator software (that is used to calibrate and profile their hardware-calibration capable ColorEdge line of monitors) does not work correctly on Mountain Lion. After installation colors looked awful on my CG241W, which the calibration only made worse. Checking the validation results clearly shows why.

ColorNavigator 6 Validation Results

Instead of the usual ~2 deltaE2000 maximum difference I got more than 5. Even cheap, crappy LCD panels produce better results. This is totally unacceptable.

There’s a solution, however.

About a year ago I had tested the basICColor display package. It worked great, but I had decided against it as the quality difference over ColorNavigator had not been  that big.  So I downloaded and installed the 14-day trial on my current machine. Although the manufacturer says it’s Mountain Lion compatible, the installer is not digitally signed, so Gatekeeper prevented the install. The usual right-click – Open trick worked like a charm (opening an app this way you have the option to add it to the Gatekeeper white list).

Besides this glitch the app worked flawlessly. Here is the validation result.

basICColor 5 display Validation Result

The calibration is even more precise than it was with ColorNavigator. This proves that the cause of this issue lies within EIZO’s software. Unfortunately, they have no usable technical support at all (you can contact the local reseller, but this effectively shields the development team from any user feedback).

I’ll give EIZO a week or two to fix this issue, then I’ll give up and buy basICColor display. It is EUR 100, but the manufacturer has no web shop, so purchasing it might present some issues… All in all, I’m really angry that manufacturers of super-high-tech (and super expensive) equipment does leave their customers in the dirt, and they doesn’t seem to care at all. An even better example of this is Canon, but I’ll tell you about that in the next post.

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  1. Hi Laszlo

    I’m having the same problem here. I have a CG243W and beofre upgrading to Mountain Lion display calibrations with ColorNavigator 5 gave me an average dE2000 of around 0.6 with max of 2.4. Color gamut used to be very close to AdobeRGB.

    Now, after the upgrade to Mountain Lion (and ColorNavigator 6) I get horrible results: dE2000 average of around 4 with max close to 8. Especially the yellow/red tones are way off which makes skin toning a nightmare. Importantly, the gamut shrunk to barely sRGB (tried monitor native as well as emulations).

    This means I have to either stop working, re-edit when there’s a fix or go back to Lion…
    I will (try to) contact Eizo and if there will be a solution I’ll post it.


    • Laszlo Pusztai says:


      They will not fix it until September (at best), so I would recommend to give basICColor display a try. I’m using that for two weeks and works even better than ColorNavigator – non-neutral black is the thing of the past (with the “Min. Neutral” black luminance calibration option).
      I plan to do a review of basICColor in a few weeks.

  2. Laszlo Pusztai says:

    EIZO just posted a new version of ColorNavigator (6.2.1) on their website which ISN”T MOUNTAIN LION COMPATIBLE! Along with a comment that:

    “ColorNavigator doesn’t support Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) now. Mountain Lion compliant version will be released in September 2012.”

    It’s simply ridiculous. What the hell were they doing during the 10.8 beta period??? I just uninstalled and simply forget about ColorNavigator. I will continue to use basICColor display for all my display calibration needs in the foreseeable future. Shame on EIZO for this.

  3. Hi, I’m having ‘communication error’ with my built-in calibration device. It doesn’t seem to detect the sensor. I’m running ColorNavigator 6.1.2 on OSX 10.6.8 Has anyone run into this error before?

  4. Laszlo Pusztai says:

    EIZO has released a Mountain Lion compatible ColorNavigator (v6.2.2). Have not tried it since I’m switched to ColorEyes Display Pro for calibration, but if you have any experience with the new version let us know!

    You can download ColorNavigator 6.2.2 from http://www.eizo.com/global/support/db/products/software/search?k=colornavigator

  5. Does basICColor Display support the hardware calibration capabilities of EIZOS CE240W? Or does it only create a software profile? I can only find information about compatibility with my measuring device, but I don’t find any hind on communication with monitors. I think this is an important difference.

  6. Still not able to calibrate my EIZO CG242 in OSX 10.8.2 using either Colornavigator 6.2.2 or BasICColor Display.

    UDACT reports and Colornavigaot reports tells me what even my eyes can see: not calibrated.
    Rebooting over to my OSX 10.6.8 disk and everything is perfect again.

  7. Stumbled here looking for help. I’ve got the lastest Color Navigator, but I’m having a consistent “Failed to open the measurement device” error when I go to run Adjust. It correctly sees my “Eye One Display” in the list of devices, but seems to fail communicating with it.

    I’m on 10.8, running a CG241W off a Macbook Pro with Retina.

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