Pink Hills

In preparation for the fall this year (and hoping for great colors) I’m going through previous years’ fall images. This one was made four years ago in Death Valley and is a special image for me. Special, because it reminds me that I have to be careful.

Pink Hills, Death Valley

We were driving through Death Valley well before dawn. I noticed that colors will be great in a few moments, so jumped out of the car to set up the shot. The ideal location was just a few meters from the road. While setting up the tripod something hit my leg on the back just above my boots. It was not a strong hit, but quite noticeable. I didn’t see anything (a snake for example) in the dim pre-dawn light. So went back to the car to check the damage. I saw two little scars on my jeans, but nothing on my skin. I was lucky.

All in all, I learned the lesson and also got a lovely toned image.