Bigfoot Lives!

As night falls in the dark, mysterious forests of my homeland, one can see hideous creatures in the thick autumn fog. They are sometimes just frightening games our minds play with us, but they can be equally real.

Bigfoot with His Son – or lost souls trying to find their way home?

Thick fog gathers on this swampy meadow each evening and morning. You stand there right at sunset. As light levels start to drop, suddenly a flow of cold air arrives from the surrounding hills. Then as you try to find a good composition, you notice two figures in the fog. Are they lost souls wading through the swamp to find their way home? Or you just witnessed Bigfoot?

Neither, as it turns out soon. Just a father with his kids playing in the fog.

This image was a result of pure luck (yes, luck prefers the prepared). We were shooting in the hills above this meadow, and were driving home when we noticed the fog. What we didn’t know at that point was that there was a family in there. We started to explore the area. I had my camera and tripod with me, fortunately with the 70-200 lens. So as soon as I noticed the figures put down the tripod and fired away a few shots. The one above turned out to be the best.

We visited the place at the next evening, the fog arrived again, but there were no figures in it. I made a few frames, and although technically they are better, the magic is missing from them.