Viewfinder 2.9 is Available for Download

Apple approved the apps last night (CET), and we have decided to make them available immediately. Usual supporting stuff (such as the Handbook, version history update, etc.) will follow on Monday. My former post covers what’s new in 2.9 regarding the 4″ screens of the newly supported devices.

How about the new iPads? They will be supported as soon as we can put them on our measurement bench. I expect late November/early December for the release.

But there’s one more thing…

My opinion on supporting iPads was simple: do it as a best effort (means proper camera measurements but running in iPhone compatibility mode), and had not invested into making the app a first order iPad citizen. Mainly because I found it awkward to use the largish tablet for this type of work. We had no push from our user base to move in that direction, either.

iPad mini changes that opinion. The screen is just 0.2″ shy of a 5×7″ sheet film, and the device has a pretty manageable size and weight. Making it the ideal “digital ground glass” – large enough for visual work and small and light enough to carry around in the backpack. So I’m pleased to announce that we started working on full iPad compatibility! No other details and release dates yet, but one thing is for sure: the existing apps will support iPads, so there will be no separate “HD” version to purchase. I’ll post more info on this as we proceed. Stay tuned!

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