Capture One 7.0.1 – OpenCL Works on 10.8

A few days ago Phase One released Capture One 7.0.1, which fixes at least two of the issues I complained about in my original short piece.

  • OpenCL acceleration now works on OS X 10.8. The application is MUCH faster! Keep in mind that it will drain your batteries rather quickly (you can turn off OpenCL acceleration if you think things are better the old way). Seems that beating the heads of Phase One support personnel was a worthwhile exercise… 🙂
  • Overly aggressive, detail-obliterating luminance sharpening seems to work fine now. Just have a little time to test it on some of the problem images (where I found this issue originally), but all seems fine now.

I had no time to test the catalog functionality again (actually abandoned the idea to work with the catalog after all). And Canon tethering support is the same crap it was.

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