Upgrading to Photoshop CC

I have been a Creative Cloud subscriber for more than a year. I think it’s a great licensing construct for my business. So I was eagerly awaiting the current CC release (I use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) all day yesterday. No luck. Then this morning Application Manager showed that I have some updates!

This isn’t an upgrade

Actually Photoshop CC is not an upgrade. Not even for existing CC subscribers. That means that Application Manager will install it side-by-side with CS6, leaving all CS6 stuff intact. On first startup I was asked whether I want my actions and stuff imported. I definitely wanted to do this! The good news is PSCC was able to successfully import all my actions and workspaces.

App settings (including color settings) were left in the dust, however. I had to manually set up everything from memory configuration to cursors – which is a royal pain in the butt. This is especially irritating because almost all settings are the same! Adobe, you could do much better in this regard.

Fortunately I still had CS6 sitting around, so it served as a guide for my preferred settings. Moral: do not uninstall CS6 beforehand!

Trying to select my L* workflow color setting preset brought up the following warning:


Surprisingly clicking OK brought every setting in, so I’m curious what settings aren’t supported… To make sure everything will be fine next time I just re-saved my color presets.

Then uninstalled CS6.

Plugin compatibility

This is always a question when one updates Photoshop. Here’s a quick rundown of the three plugins I use.

  • PhotoKit Sharpener works fine, you just have to grab the new CC-aware setup.
  • Perceptool wasn’t even CS6 compatible, but you can download a free action incarnation of it that works well on CC. It’s definitely worth trying – especially at this price point.
  • NoiseWare Pro 5 doesn’t work. It crashes Photoshop. I use this only on older images, so not being able to use now isn’t that much pain. Update: Further investigation showed that this is a retina display specific problem. On my external EIZO everything works fine. Already contacted Imagenomic, so that they can fix it.

Getting rid of Bridge

Another good news is Bridge doesn’t get installed automatically. I used it only for browsing my master images, but I’ll try to move this workflow step into another app (likely OS X’s Finder) and save some precious megabytes on my SSD. For those who use it: it is now retina display aware.


The entire process went smoothly (including my monkeying around with copying settings). From now on I will only work with CC, and will post if I find something worth talking about.

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  1. Interesting… I’ll wait a bit before “upgrading” from my CS6 Production Suite till these things are tweaked. I installed Lightroom 5.0 on the day it was released and it took me more than an hour to find/copy all the plugins and settings (import/export etc.) to the right place for LR5 to see it. No elegant by any means to have it be an upgrade. Thanks for sharing PSCC info. cheers, Rj.

  2. I’m curious, did they correct the long drawn filesize error in PS? When you set the filesize say 150kb and hit Save the resulted filesize will be more likely above 200kb but never ever around the set 150kb.
    I usually choose 150kb for images on my blog, and since they don’t work I rarely use PS for any other image when filesize matters.

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