First Light

I have been waiting for a clear night since the end of last November, when I bought an Astrotrac tracking mount and associated stuff to make an old dream of mine happen.

Yes, it’s astrophotography. When I was around 10, I spent lots of time watching the heavens above us with a 150mm f/6.7 reflector. But photography was out of reach then.

Now, some 30 years later I have the equipment to foray into this wonderful world. It will be an interesting journey, and I’ll share equipment and processing tips and experiences I will encounter along the way. Fortunately there’s a pretty good observing location just 15 minutes from where I live, so I plan to spend most of the clear nights there.

But for now, here’s the very first image from the rig.

Orion's Belt and Sword

Orion’s Belt and Sword

Taken with the Canon 135mm f/2 lens at f/2.8, on an 5D Mark III, atop the Astrotrac tracking mount. Composed of eight 25 second exposures for the star field, and another eight 12 second exposures for detail in the Orion nebula’s core. All frames were exposed at ISO 1600. Raw files converted in Capture One. Assembled and processed in Photoshop CC. This is about half of the original frame.

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