Fixing OS X Server Log Trashing

Recently noticed that something on my OS X server box trashes the system log with the following messages repeated every 10 seconds:[1]:
(org.calendarserver.agent[7102]) Exited with code: 1[1]:
(org.calendarserver.agent) Throttling respawn: Will start in 9 seconds

Another issue was that the Server app hanged when I clicked on the Calendar service. After a few hours of debugging, I found that disabling the calendar agent service cures the problem. You can do it from Terminal:

sudo serverctl disable service=org.calendarserver.agent

You can verify that the service is disabled with:

sudo serverctl list

Some people mention on the net that this problem is caused by moving the data store location from its default. I don’t need calendar services (not even the agent), so this fix is OK for me even if it happens to break the calendar service later on.

While I noticed and fixed the problem under OS X Server 3.1.1 first, installing the recent 3.1.2 update brought it back. So I had to disable the agent again…

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