Viewfinder, Please Meet Dropbox

In my previous post I wrote about the enhancements coming to the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder’s album. But there’s one more thing. Something that wasn’t ready for prime time then. And this is uploading to Dropbox.


There’s a new icon on the album’s share sheet, which (after getting authorization to use your Dropbox) brings up the Dropbox upload screen.


There are a couple of important things here. First of all, uploads are going under the app’s own folder in your Dropbox: Apps/Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder. Each upload goes into its own folder. These folders can be named as you wish, or left at the default, which is your device’s name followed by an upload sequence number. The default is what you see on the above scree shot.

You also have a couple of options controlling what will be uploaded. By default (all three options in the on position) everything from the views are uploaded. But you can leave parts out to save upload time and bandwidth.

Keep View Folders controls whether each view is placed in its own folder. This way you have all parts – preview, full resolution image and metadata – grouped together. But if you want just all these in a flat folder to be able to browse them faster, then flip this switch off.

The other two are pretty much self explanatory. Turn off Full Resolution Images to avoid uploading these large JPEGs. And you can even skip uploading the Metadata part of the views.

There’s also a new menu item that opens up the Dropbox account management screen.


Here you can see the status of your account (together with available space) as well as the aforementioned upload options. You can also sign out from your Dropbox account here (and of course you can sign back in).

This is uploading views to Dropbox. Pretty straightforward but powerful feature. It will be available in version 3.3, scheduled for release in July. The update will be free for existing Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder users.

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