A Little Product Photography

My better half made a bunch of soaps today and asked me whether I have a little time to help her make some photos.

Sitting in front of my desk coding for who knows how many days, I smiled, and pulled out the Canon EOS 5DS R with my beloved Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 ZE lens. A tripod, a few sheets of colored paper, a flash to open up the deep shadows created by the afternoon sunlight, and a MacBook Air 11″ to run Kuuvik Capture rounded out the rig.

Roses in Soap

Roses in Soap

The above is my favorite from the shoot. The Zeiss – as always – amazed me with its wonderful, clean, airy drawing. This was shot at f/2.2. Everything in the plane of focus is tack sharp, and the bokeh is lovely. Both in front of and behind the focus plane.

And this is a bit dull sRGB version, at least compared to the original having the usual brilliant colors the Zeiss with the 5DS R can produce.

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  1. The product looks more stunning due to professional photography! Great shot!

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