Late Summer Rain at Lake Bled

Even with the 5DS R at hand, I kept my good old Canon 5D Mark III – as a travel camera. I dislike all the current mirrorless offerings (handling, user interface and usability issues), so instead of buying into one of those overhyped systems, simply bought an EF 35mm f/2 IS USM lens to go with the 5D Mark III.

Late Summer Rain at Lake Bled

Late Summer Rain at Lake Bled

This combo is a deadly weapon – handholdable at ridiculous shutter speeds, produces first rate image quality, pretty lightweight (compared to what I’m usually lugging around), batteries just keep going, and handling of the 5D Mark III is a joy.

The above image was shot with the combo during a short visit to Bled this August.

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  1. […] Sitting on the old, weathered coffee table in my office, the camera is waiting for the validation tests for Kuuvik Capture 2.5. It makes a killer combo with the EF 35mm f/2 IS lens, just like the 5D Mark III did. […]

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