Viewfinder 4.4 with 3D Touch and iPad Pro Support

Version 4.4 of the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder is now available on the App Store.

Besides the usual bunch of new wide converter profiles and cameras (detailed in the release notes), the two main new features are 3D Touch and iPad Pro support.

I already wrote about 3D Touch home screen Quick Actions in a sneak peek.

On the iPad Pro front, the app now takes advantage of the entire, huge screen. User interface elements remain the same size as on all full-sized iPads. This is to let the content occupy the majority of the screen real estate.


We also checked all the wide converters we have on the Pro, and were able to mount the Moment wide lens (both the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 5s clips fit). So this version adds support for the Moment wide lens/iPad Pro combination. More wide converters will be supported as their manufacturers come out with iPad Pro compatible versions.

Speaking of wide converters. Schneider is lagging behind again with iPhone 6s/6s+ support. We were able to use the 6 case on the 6s, so that’s in this release. But there’s no 6s Plus case yet.

Version 4.4 is a free update for existing Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder owners. Users of former Viewfinder Basic/Pro/Cine editions can upgrade for a reduced price.

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  1. Hi Laszlo,

    Have you look at inputting into the viewfinder the feed coming from the wifi tethering coming from camera such as the Sony a7 to avoid the parallax issue ?

    Thanks again

    • Laszlo Pusztai says:

      Hi Damien,

      Yes, we’ve played with the idea – but it would defeat the very purpose of the app: to have a lightweight (both in actual grams and setup complexity) composition planning tool. Also the parallax issue is only present in situations where you are using the app as an external viewfinder for technical cameras or stitching. And I don’t think that carrying another camera in these situations is a good and usable solution. So it would be a big, complex, very expensive to develop bag of worms – which is not worthwhile to do.

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