Gullfoss in Pink

On the evening the image below was made we originally planned to go to the highlands of Iceland. But just a few kilometers into road F35 I noticed that coolant is leaking from our 4×4 – the culprit being a hole somewhere in the radiator. So we quickly abandoned the original plan. But while going back to Reykjavík, we stopped at Gullfoss, and subsequently at Geysír.

I have been at Gullfoss half a dozen times before, but never experienced such a colorful light show. The pink clouds reflecting from the water transformed the waterfall into a nacreous beauty. I was glad that we had to change the plan and came back.

Gullfoss in Pink

Gullfoss in Pink

The image really shines in a large print where the eye can enjoy the abundance of intricate details that the Canon 5DS R and Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 can deliver. A LEE Big Stopper was also in use when making the exposure.

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