Cloudy Highland Evening

Weather is ever changing in Iceland. The forecast said partly cloudy (my favorite) for the highlands, but during the two hours it takes to drive from Reykjavík to the southern end of Kjalvegur it had changed completely. So much that we had two drive literally in the clouds on the way back. Fortunately the cloudy weather combined with the rugged mountains could present some great photographic opportunities.

Cloudy Highland Evening

Cloudy Highland Evening

These kind of images with huge open sky over the landscape work really well with the immense resolution the Canon 5DS R and the Zeiss Otus 1.4/55 can deliver. Especially when printed large. While the eye can explore pleasing detail in the mountains, the large sky improves the feeling of being there. This is something I was unable to achieve with lower resolution images.

It was quite windy out there, so initial composition was made with the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder from the comfort of the car. Focusing and exposure was done with Kuuvik Capture, and the car was used as a wind breaker. But despite this, I had to make several exposures since the fluctuating air can reduce sharpness when photographing distant objects with such a high resolution equipment.

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