Roadside Sunset

Sometimes great photographic opportunities present themselves in unexpected situations. But as the saying goes, luck favors the prepared.

We were driving back to Reykjavík a few days ago when a colorful sunset started to unfold in front of us. We stopped at the first gas station, pulled out my iPhone with the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder to look for an image. A few minutes later I stepped out of the car with a big smile – knowing that the image I’m going to shoot will work. Just had to take it properly.

Roadside Sunset

Roadside Sunset

Out came the tripod, the Canon 5DS R, the magnificent Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135, as well as the 11″ MacBook Air. With 50 megapixels it’s essential to check for distractions on the image – in this case I had to exclude the fence that ran across the lower border which escaped my attention when I set up the shot through the camera’s viewfinder. But once I fired up Kuuvik Capture and took a test shot, it became clearly visible on the notebook screen. A quick framing adjustment, and just had to wait for the best colors.

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