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I’m using mostly Hahnemühle papers and some from the Epson collection, and thought my profiles would be useful for other people. Especially if one does not want to go through the burden of printing and measuring targets. All the printers I had used for profiling had been linearized with Epson ColorBase before printing the targets. So these profiles should work well for your linearized printer too. The profiles should also work with other Epson printers using the same print head as the one for which I have created a profile (eg profiles made for the 4800 should work on the 7800 and 9800). But your mileage may wary.

The old set of profiles were made by taking two or three measurements from each paper (in case of Photo Rag, William Turner and Museum Etching profiles for the 4800 three different target sheets were used), averaging them, and correcting salient measurement errors. The targets were Bill Atkinson’s great 1728 patch RGB files, measured using an Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer. Newer ones were simply created using i1Profiler, as there’s no need for the former complicated procedure with it.

Printer settings you should use for these profiles are contained in the profile names.

Naming convention for the older set is the following:

SP4800HPR VFA2880Std


  1. Is the printer type. In this example the Epson Stylus Pro 4800.
  2. Is the paper type and driver media setting. In this example Hahnemühle Photo Rag (HPR), and the driver should be set to Epson Velvet Fine Art (VFA). If the paper type is in the driver then only the paper type goes here (e.g. for most of the Epson papers).
  3. Is the driver DPI setting. All the profiles were made with the highest DPI and unidirectional printing settings in the driver, but you can use them with lower
    resolution and bidirectional printing.
  4. Denotes other driver settings used. Std means everything is at its default value.

So the profile in this example needs the following driver settings: Velvet Fine Art Paper, 2880dpi (or 1440 if you wish to save on ink), High speed disabled (or enabled if you have time pressure).

Newer (Stylus Photo 4900) profiles are simply named after the paper they were made for; printer settings were 2880 DPI and media type either Velvet Fine Art Paper (for matte papers) or Premium Luster (for glossy ones).

Black and white profiles are meant to be used with Epson’s Advanced B&W mode. The last character of the name specifies the tone curve used (N for Normal).

Color Profiles

PrinterPaperBlack InkProfile
R2880Epson Cold Press BrightMatteSPR2880 ECPB VFA 5760 Std
R2880Epson Cold Press NaturalMatteSPR2880 ECPN VFA 5760 Std
R2880Epson Hot Press BrightMatteSPR2880 EHPB VFA 5760 Std
R2880Epson Hot Press NaturalMatteSPR2880 EHPN VFA 5760 Std
3880Epson Cold Press BrightMatteSP3880 ECPB USFA 2880 Std
3880Epson Cold Press NaturalMatteSP3880 ECPN USFA 2880 Std
3880Epson Hot Press BrightMatteSP3880 EHPB USFA 2880 Std
3880Epson Hot Press NaturalMatteSP3880 EHPN USFA 2880 Std
4800Epson Cold Press BrightMatteSP4800 ECPB USFA 2880 Std
4800Epson Cold Press NaturalMatteSP4800 ECPN USFA 2880 Std
4800Epson Enhanced MatteMatteSP4800 EM 2880 Std
4800Epson Hot Press BrightMatteSP4800 EHPB USFA 2880 Std
4800Epson Hot Press NaturalMatteSP4800 EHPN USFA 2880 Std
4800Epson Premium LusterPhotoSP4800 PL 2880 Std
4800Epson UltraSmooth Fine ArtMatteSP4800 USFA 2880 Std
4800Epson Velvet Fine ArtMatteSP4800 VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle BambooMatteSP4800 HB VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle FineArt BarytaPhotoSP4800 HFB PL 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle FineArt CanvasMatteSP4800 HFC VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle Monet CanvasMatteSP4800 HMC VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle Museum EtchingMatteSP4800 HME VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle Natural Art DuoMatteSP4800 HNA VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle Photo RagMatteSP4800 HPR VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright WhiteMatteSP4800 HPRBW VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle Photo Rag SatinMatteSP4800 HPRS VFA 2880 Std
4800Hahnemühle William TurnerMatteSP4800 HWT VFA 2880 Std
4880Epson Cold Press BrightMatteSP4880 ECPB USFA 2880 Std
4880Epson Cold Press NaturalMatteSP4880 ECPN USFA 2880 Std
4880Epson Hot Press BrightMatteSP4880 EHPB USFA 2880 Std
4880Epson Hot Press NaturalMatteSP4880 EHPN USFA 2880 Std
4900Hahnemühle Fine Art PearlPhotoSP4900 FA Pearl
4900Hahnemühle Monet CanvasMatteSP4900 Monet Canvas
4900Hahnemühle Museum EtchingMatteSP4900 Museum Etching
4900Hahnemühle Natural Art DuoMatteSP4900 Natural Art Duo
4900Hahnemühle Photo Rag BarytaPhotoSP4900 PR Baryta
4900Hahnemühle Photo Rag PearlPhotoSP4900 PR Pearl
4900Hahnemühle Photo Rag SatinMatteSP4900 PR Satin
4900Hahnemühle Photo RagMatteSP4900 Photo Rag
4900Hahnemühle William TurnerMatteSP4900 William Turner

Black and White Profiles

PrinterPaperBlack InkProfile
SP4900Hahnemühle Photo RagMatteSP4900 Photo Rag BW N

Paper types

CodeDriver Media Type Setting
PLPremium Luster
USFAUltrasmooth Fine Art
VFAVelvet Fine Art

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