Was it a Good Idea?

This image isn’t part of my latest fall shoot, but couldn’t resisting posting it. We were chasing northern lights in January 2011 on the highway between Narvik and Kiruna. The activity was pretty lousy, so I looked for other interesting shots – and found this one.

Northern Lights over the Highway

There was only one challenge getting the shot: the huge trucks. The long exposure was routinely interrupted by an incoming truck. Actually this image was a 53 seconds exposure (I stopped it there because there was just enough light from the coming truck to make the picture).

Lying down the road with an ultra-wide lens, watching my remote for the exposure length my friend came over: “Lying down in the middle of a highway at night isn’t something your father taught you, is it?”

He was right, but the image worth the little annoyance.

Polar Stratospheric Clouds

When I photographed PSCs (also called nacreous clouds) in arctic Sweden I had that otherworldly feeling as if something bad is happening. And something bad WAS indeed happening… Ozone destroying chemical reactions take place on these wonderful clouds.

Polar Stratospheric Clouds, Lake Alttajärvi, Sweden

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