The First Kuuvik Capture Intro Video

During March we were filming a few intro videos to show off some of the coolest features of Kuuvik Capture. The first one, showing how I created my generator room photo is now online on Vimeo.

I recommend you to maximize it and turn HD on – and watch for the synchronization between the camera and the app.

Enjoy & share!

Generator Seen from the Control Room

This is how an “UPS” looks like for an entire factory. The huge diesel generator was built exactly a hundred years ago.

This is another shot that would be impossible without the Canon TS-E 24/3.5 II. After setting up the initial composition a slight vertical shift was used to straighten window and door frames and a little bit of leftward tilt made the control board sharp front to back. And as usual for this shoot, Bracketeer was used to deal with the extreme dynamic range.

Generator Seen from the Control Room

Hall of Disintegration

This image is actually a 9 piece sandwich. I had made a three image stitch for increasing resolution in three layers for exposure fusion. The sides were cropped during editing, however.

The shocking fact was that I could make pixel perfect stitches and exposure blends… I really love the new TS-E 24!

Hall of Disintegration

The above is a Retina display resolution image! From now on, every image I post on this site will be optimized for Retina displays, so they can look as awesome as small sized prints!

Time’s Up

This image from the old gas factory shoot was taken with my 70-200/2.8L IS. Getting the perspective I had in mind was a bit tricky – every time I locked the RRS BH-55 head the rig on it moved ruining the tight and precise composition. It took about 20 minutes to get it right. You’re right, only the end result counts, but this head-creeping experience made me to replace the head with an Arca-Swiss Z1.

Due to the high dynamic range of the scene, this image is an exposure fusion created using Bracketeer.

Time's Up