Kirk L-Plate for the 5D Mark III

Got my Kirk BL-5DIII plate on Tuesday, and would like to share some thoughts about it. It’s a good design with some oversights.


  • You can buy it right now. The RRS plate for the 5D3 is still backordered. Shipping to Hungary was also $27 less with this plate than it would be for the RRS. Both plates cost $140.
  • I really appreciate the second locking point at the strap loop. My 1D2 fell off from its RRS plate a few years back. The plate was on the 1D2 for a few years, and the thread in the tripod screw socket suddenly gave up. Fortunately the losses were just a remote switch and the EUR 70-80 repair cost of the socket. All in all, having a second mounting point could prevent this. This is a big plus.
  • It is light. Feels lighter than RRS plates.
  • I prefer its form factor compared to the RRS plate.


  • The base of the plate around the screw does not fit flush against the camera body. There’s no precise locking point when you tighten the screw. I suspect that I could tear out the socket if I over-tighten. I definitely prefer RRS and Wimberley plates in this regard.
  • The front of the plate tends to punch a hole in your hand if you happen to handhold your camera. It is a major oversight! It was a painful discovery on my part, so I immediately reached for a file and rounded the offending corner. But this should be done by Kirk!

“Custom” Rounded Corner

Overall I’m satisfied with the plate, and would give it 3.5/5 stars.