Introducing Kuuvik Capture

kc-IconLadies and gentlemen! It’s my pleasure to introduce something I have been developing for the past 15 months: Kuuvik Capture.

It’s simply the best tethering software for Canon that I’m aware of, sporting never before seen features like simultaneous magnified live view, a really usable raw histogram (that is, gamma corrected but with no white balancing applied), a highly useful bracketing monitor, and lots of other pretty neat stuff. The product entered public beta today, and I highly recommend you to visit the product’s homepage, sign up for the beta program and grab a copy – it’s completely free at the moment.

In the coming weeks I’ll publish a couple of technical posts about how the app works and will shed some light on a few controversial digital photography topics. So stay tuned!


Me re-shooting Generator Seen from the Control Room with Kuuvik Capture

But for the remainder of this week, I’m going to relax a bit, celebrate my 40th, and play a little with my new Canon 135/2 – of course tethered to Kuuvik Capture.