Making It Easier to Put Your Cap On

Manufacturers usually go for “good enough” solutions, even if they can make something significantly more usable with just a bit of more expense. Case in point: Canon rear lens and body caps (I’m citing Canon here, because I’m a Canon shooter, but it also applies to most other manufacturers).

If you ever shoot in marginal light (if you are a landscape or nature photographer, I bet you do it most of the time), then probably run into the hassle of putting your caps on. To comply with Murphy’s law, you’ll always try to attach it in the wrong position at the worst possible moment (I even have a cap at the bottom of Bryce Canyon because of this).

We have a red alignment dot on the lens mount and on lenses, but the stock caps only contain a small, shallow hole marking the attachment position – which is pretty hard to see. And the solution is pretty simple: fill that hole with white (or your color of choice) paint! It can be done in a few minutes for your entire lens collection (after you mastered the technique – I’m using a thin wire to put just a drop of paint there).

My lens cap mod

My lens cap mod

I’m using this trick for almost a decade and haven’t had any issues with putting on the caps since then.