Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder Released

avf2iconI have been silent for the last weeks for a reason: we were working hard to bring the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder out.

And now I can proudly announce that a few minutes ago it went online on the App Store, so you can go and grab it. 🙂

The usual announcement stuff will come next week, but you can find most of the info on the app’s microsite right now.

One more thing…

Courtesy of ALPA of Switzerland, the eFinder Tools are now part of the Mark II – no additional in-app purchase necessary. Although the parallax/shift tool is still supports ALPA cameras only, you can freely use the super precise (1/10 of a degree) 3D level with any camera. I might be biased, but for me it leaves the 5D Mark III’s two-axis level in the dust.