What’s Coming in Artist’s Viewfinder 3.3

Version 3.3 of my Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder app is nearing completion, so I thought I’ll show you some of it’s exciting new features.

Besides the usual slew of new cameras, this release revolves around enhancements to the album.

Full Resolution Images Are Now Optional

You can save space and time by not storing the full resolution images if you don’t need them. The album browser also indicates which views have a full resolution image with a little camera badge.


When you export views from the album with no full resolution images, the app will export them immediately. When at least one selected view have a full resolution image, then you’ll get the usual prompt.

View Selection

You can now select all the views in the album with just one tap of the Select All button. Well, this feature topped our feature request list, so here it goes! 🙂

Auto Export

This feature lets you to automatically export the preview or the full resolution image (or both) to the Camera Roll while a view package is created.

What is pretty neat is that you can separate the storage of previews from full resolution images (like shooting to different cards in a real camera).

While previews are always stored in the app’s album (you can’t turn it off), you can auto export full resolution images to the Camera Roll with no need to duplicate them in the album. Settings for configuring this are shown below.

New menu settings

This is exactly how I use the app now, and it replaced the built-in Camera app in my daily usage.

Selectable Map Type

Previously the album’s map used a hybrid type – overlaying a street map to satellite imagery. While this looks great, it may consume lots of Internet bandwidth.


Starting with this release, the default map type is the standard, low bandwidth, street map. But you can switch it to satellite and hybrid if you prefer those.

While we are at GPS and mapping functionality…

New Track Logging Default

To better honor user privacy, track logging is now turned off by default. It affects only new installations, this setting will not be changed for existing users.

We have also changed the way the app starts for the first time, delaying the location services prompt until the first virtual camera is configured.


The above features are already available in internal beta builds. But we are working on a few more!

If everything goes well, the new version will be on the App Store in July. It will be free for existing users. So if you became interested in the app because of these new features, don’t hesitate! Grab your copy today!