Fall Colors – A Different Kind

Fall is the premier photography season for me. You get everything from bold colors, through creamy pastels, to the special atmosphere that morning and evening fog brings.

This year’s summer storms on Lake Tisza had wiped out lots of nests and birds are working a bit overtime to raise their nestlings. For me this provides great opportunities to combine fall colors into my bird photography.


Squacco Heron Catching Frog

As the water starts to get clear and water chestnuts are dying, you get these metallic blues everywhere – even at places where you only see vast water chestnut carpets summertime. The golds and browns of Squacco herons provide dramatic contrast against the water – so much that I had to lower saturation significantly on the above image (made in warm evening light).

Photographed with a Canon 7D Mark II and the astonishingly wonderful EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM lens (plus a 1.4x III teleconverter). I’m using the 500/4 II for about 5 months now, and planning to post my review soon.