Kuuvik Capture 3.2 : JPG Enhancements

Kuuvik Capture was originally developed to foster a RAW-only workflow. But we received numerous requests for supporting JPG files. At first we introduced a RAW+JPG capture option (where JPG files remained on the memory card), and now in version 3.2 you can shoot as well as download JPG files alone. Capture preferences were changed to reflect this functionality.

Image quality controls whether you shoot RAW, RAW+JPG or a new choice, JPG. JPG files are large/fine ones, since we still want to keep image quality at the highest possible level. When you choose RAW+JPG, an option appears so that you can set whether the JPG files will remain on the card (by default), or downloaded along the RAWs. With the JPG image quality setting files are always downloaded of course.

There’s also a new option to force the native 3:2 image aspect ratio. We’ve added this because aspect ratio control is a complete mess on Canons. You have two settings to cope with, and sometimes get a cropped JPG file and other times a full resolution JPG with metadata to indicate the crop. To make things worse, RAW converters and Photoshop tend to change how they interpret cropping metadata from version to version. We simply don’t want to get involved in this messy situation. So by default Kuuvik Capture forces the camera default 3:2 aspect for all images. You have the option to turn it off, if you really really know what you are doing and need non-3:2 images. But you were warned.

Downloaded RAW+JPG pairs will be handled as a single package, but only the RAW file is used for display. Thumbnails in the Image Browser are marked with a “+” badge to indicate that a JPG is also present, while the file name will show just the RAW.

Deleting the package will delete both the RAW and the JPG.

For RAW+JPG (since the RAW is used for display) the Dual Histogram shows both RAW and processed data. For single JPGs only the processed histogram is available.

A bonus feature

Since a JPG is a JPG, you can use Kuuvik Capture to cull JPG images from any source. For example Agnes went through the majority of our family photo collection during the last few months with the app. This included everything from scanned images through iPhone photos to RAWs. Moreover, JPG previews are displayed from older Canon CR2 files (such as those from the 5D and 1D Mark II), as well as from Nikon NEF and Pentax DNG and PEF files produced by Nikon and Pentax cameras supported by our ShutterCount app. Yes, they share the same image decoder.

IMPORTANT: This is a bonus feature that may work for you, but not officially supported.


Kuuvik Capture 3.2 is available now on the Mac App Store. It is a free update for users who purchased Kuuvik Capture from the Mac App Store. I’m also working on an update to my free eBook, Kuuvik Capture Inside Out, which will be available shortly.