Kuuvik Capture 4.2 Released

Version 4.2 of my premium Canon tethering app, Kuuvik Capture, is now available on the Mac App Store.

The headline feature is that the app is localized to French. Localization is much more than simple translation, and Agnes did a great job here: the app has a slightly different personality than the English version, but I quite like it. Click the image below for a larger view.

Although I don’t speak French, after spending weeks with the development and my cameras switched to French, I’ve learned quite a lot. It was an exciting and fun experience, I hope you’ll like the outcome!

It was also a good opportunity to revise a few messages (mostly error messages that you seldom encounter). The most prominent change is that the former “manual” white balance mode(s) are now named “custom” to be in sync with contemporary camera menus.

The other new feature is the C-Log mode indicator.

Once a camera is switched to C-Log recording mode, picture styles get disabled. So we reused the picture style selector control to display the C-Log mode and bit depth (on the EOS R, for example, where you can choose to use 8bit or 10bit recording).

Note that in 10bit mode the EOS R can’t record to a memory card (only to an external recorder), so just like the record button on the camera, the record button in Kuuvik Capture will have no effect.

The update is free for existing Kuuvik Capture users. New users can purchase it in the Mac App Store.

My eBook, Kuuvik Capture Inside Out, has also been updated to cover the new version. It is available as a free download from the Kuuvik Capture web site.