ShutterCount Mobile 3.5 : File Mode

Version 3.5 of ShutterCount Mobile (including the Pro edition) brings File Mode to the iOS app.

File Mode is designed to be used with cameras that store the shutter counter in image files, that is almost all Nikon and Pentax models.

While on the Mac it is pretty easy to bring images into the app, it’s a bit tricky on iOS: you have to import them into Photos first. Basically you have two options to do it.

The first is to connect the camera (or a card reader) directly to your iPhone or iPad, and let iOS to import the image into Photos. On this year’s USB-C equipped iPads its straightforward, but on devices with a Lightning connector you’ll need Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

The second option is to import the image into Photos on your desktop computer and let it sync through your iCloud Photo Library to the phone.

Either RAW (NEF/PEF/DNG) or JPG format photos will do it, but I recommend small size JPGs, as the app only needs the metadata from the image, not the pixels.

Other options, such as sending the image through iMessage or via email might strip the metadata portion, in which case the app will tell you that shutter count information is missing from the file.

Once the image is in Photos, open ShutterCount and tap Connect. Tap Open Photo… and the app will let you select the image from your photo library.

If the image is present locally on your device, which is usually the case, especially if you just imported it, the reading will be done immediately.

But if for some reason the photo is in the cloud (because you imported it into the desktop Photos, or if iOS migrated it to the cloud due to low available space on your device), it needs to be downloaded.

For JPGs, Photos will handle the downloading. But for RAW files, Photos will only download the preview JPG, and strip all the metadata we need. In this case ShutterCount will download the complete file for you.

Once the download completed, the app will do the reading.

ShutterCount 3.5 is a free update for existing owners. New users can purchase it in the App Store. Also available is a Pro edition containing all optional extras, such as the Plus Pack with graphing and forecasting features.

File Mode on iOS requires iOS 12 or later and supports the exact same cameras it does on a Mac. For the complete list, please refer to our Tech Specs page.

ShutterCount : Bonjour, les Francophones!

Thanks to Agnes, ShutterCount is now available in French!

This includes both the Mac and iPhone/iPad versions, and regular as well as Pro editions.

If you are using your Mac or iOS device in French as the primary language (or French is before English in your preferred language order), the app will automatically appear in French. Just make sure that you are using version 3.5 (the current one) or later. The update is free for existing users.

À bientôt!

Introducing ShutterCount Pro

We have received numerous requests to make purchasing the whole ShutterCount package (the base app plus the Live View and Plus packs) easier.

Here it goes, the new ShutterCount Pro (for macOS) and ShutterCount Pro Mobile (for iOS) editions contain the complete functionality right out of the box.

That is, you get live view actuation counts and the Distribution Chart (for supported cameras), and all the goodies from the Plus Pack: from graphing and forecasting, to additional niceties, such as Canon camera date/time sync and outdated firmware warning.

If these features sound new to you, then I’d recommend to read my former posts: this one about the Usage Meter and the Graph, and this other one about the Distribution Chart and live view counters in general.

Having purchased the original app, you can make it fully equal to the Pro edition by purchasing the Live View and the Plus packs in ShutterCount’s in-app store.

Technical Camera 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of Technical Camera is now available on the App Store. This is a device support update, bringing optimized screen layout for the whole iPhone X series, including the new XS Max/XR screen size.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs, and added two wide converter profiles as discussed in the release notes.

This is a free update for existing Technical Camera owners. New users can purchase the app in the App Store.