When Puffins Dance

We were driving home from the central highlands, and since road quality gets worse every week I didn’t want to stop or slow down (one trick to maintain comfortable ride on washboards is to keep the speed upward of 60km/h). I said to Agnes: “we’ll stop only if we see puffins dancing on the back of a whale”.

Soon a lovely sunset started to unfold. Nicer colors with every minute. Like several times, it was nice, but saw no image. Then suddenly looked to the left – and pushed the brake to the metal. Yes, I saw the puffins dancing.

A Stormy Night Falls

A Stormy Night Falls

This is something you can’t plan for. A small hole opened in the clouds, and the last rays of the Sun illuminated just the center mountain – leaving everything else in the dark.

It was a magnificent view, but had to act quickly. Set the tripod and camera up in less than 30 seconds, and had enough time to take four frames before the light vanished. The whole event lasted about a minute.

Taken with the Canon EOS 5DS R and Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135 lens.