Technical Camera : Smart Function Keys

We introduced Smart Function Keys with version 5.2 of the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder. In Technical Camera they learned a new trick.

Smart Function Keys are customizable buttons on the app’s main screen. They are not only labeled with the abbreviation of the assigned function, but also show the state of the function. Black and White Mode is on? The BW key will indicate it. Want to quickly toggle the grid on and off? Just use the G key.

There are four Smart Function Keys in Technical Camera, shown on the following screen shot.

Smart Function Key Locations

Unlike in the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder, EL and FL keys cannot be overridden in the app.

When a key’s associated function is active, the key’s label is shown on a white rounded rectangle (like HS on the above screen shot). In case the associated function is not available for some reason, the key will be grayed out.

Here’s the complete list of functions you can assign to each of these keys:

  • Switch Tele/Wide Cameras (2X) – available only on dual-camera devices. The key indicates an active function when the tele camera is in use.
  • Toggle Wide Mode (W) – you must set up a wide converter in the menu before using this key.
  • Toggle Black & White Mode (BW)
  • Toggle Grid Display (G) – it will toggle between the currently selected grid and no grid.
  • Toggle Framing Previsor (FP)
  • Toggle Highlight & Shadow Alert (HS)
  • Quick Album Change (A)

The app ships with a predefined set of keys, but you can always change the assignment with the Smart Function Keys preference in the menu.

What’s described until this point is exactly the same the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder handles these keys (the assignable functions are different, of course).

The new trick is that if you press and hold a Smart Function Key for a second, it will bring up the given key’s assignment screen. You don’t have to memorize which number corresponds to a given key, just press and hold it for a second.

Technical Camera is available for pre-oreder now on the App Store, at a 30% discounted price. It will be released on June 12.