Focus Bracketing Comes in Kuuvik Capture 1.1

kc-focus-bracketToday I practically finished the focus bracketing feature in Kuuvik Capture. Of course it has to pass our rigorous testing procedure, but the features are considered final.

Speaking of the features. You can drive focus starting from either the closest or from the farthest point, in small/medium/large sized steps. What those steps mean is camera body and lens specific (a totally arbitrary value actually), so you have to test it before starting the bracket. Hint: Command + arrow in live view mode drives focus by small steps, while Command + Shift + arrow drives it in medium steps.

You can expose up to 30 images in a focus bracketed sequence. It can also be combined with mirror lock-up and the intervalometer, as usual. At the end of the sequence we try to focus your lens back to the starting position, but don’t rely on it if you need accurate positioning – some lenses are really crappy in this regard and are unable to drive focus by the same amount back and forth.

kc-15-bracketWe have also changed the maximum number of shots you can expose in other bracketing modes to 15. As you can see on the bracketing monitor, this number is usually more than the exposure range your camera is capable of, but some of you requested it, so we added it.

Version 1.1 is in private beta right now, and it is planned to be release early July. It will be a free upgrade for current Kuuvik Capture users.

How to Make Focusing a Tilt/Shift Lens Easier

The tilt movement is used in technical cameras as well as DSLR tilt/shift lenses to precisely adjust where the plane of focus is on the image. Focusing with tilt is a tedious process (described here and here), but the results always worth the time!

There was a big pain point in using DSLR T/S lenses: checking what you have done. The viewfinder isn’t enough for that with today’s high resolution bodies, so you have to zoom in and check different points on the image using magnified live view. The adjust either tilt or focus. Then check the points. Then refocus… I had some images where I spent more than half an hour on fine tuning focus!

I said “was” – as it was the case before Kuuvik Capture’s Split View feature came along. I’m using this since I was halfway into developing the first prototype, and man, it can save lots of time! No, it won’t think instead of you, but the ability to quickly and visually asses what you have accomplished is priceless. It is also a great tool for learning how to focus a tilt/shift lens.

So watch the video below, and if you are using a Canon EOS-1D X, 5D Mark III or 6D with any of Canon’s great tilt/shift lenses, then grab Kuuvik Capture’s beta now! It’s that good (OK, don’t believe me, try it for yourself ;)).