Introducing Viewfinder Upgrades

upgrade-proAlong with the recent arrival of iOS 8, Apple brought an exciting new feature to the App Store: app bundles. As the name implies, this is about bundling apps together and offering them for less than the individual parts would cost. You can even complete a bundle, by paying the price difference between the bundle’s price and what you already spent on individual components of the bundle.

To put it another way, with bundle completion developers can reward their existing customers and offer them other products at a reduced price. If this sounds a way to provide upgrades to you, then you’re right.

This is exactly how we are offering upgrades for existing Viewfinder Basic, Pro and Cine edition owners to the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder.

Upgrade prices are calculated dynamically from what you spent on the original Viewfinder.

At the moment upgrade bundles are live for Viewfinder Pro and Cine editions, and the Viewfinder Basic upgrade will follow these as soon as Apple approves it. Update: both the Viewfinder Basic and ALPA eFinder upgrades are now online.

As a side effect of upgrade bundles, we have re-introduced old Viewfinder editions to the App Store at a lower price point. These old editions do not and will not support new iOS devices, such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but present a good opportunity to get these useful tools at highly reduced prices.

And while we are at iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support: version 4.0 of the Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder, which will support these new phones as well as this year’s iPad models, is scheduled for release in December.