Artist’s Viewfinder in the Update Magazine

Yours truly talks about the Mark II in Ebru TV’s Update magazine back at Photokina 2014.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

This is the most popular Kuuvik Capture video to date, showing most of the app’s features.

Enjoy & share!

How to Make Focusing a Tilt/Shift Lens Easier

The tilt movement is used in technical cameras as well as DSLR tilt/shift lenses to precisely adjust where the plane of focus is on the image. Focusing with tilt is a tedious process (described here and here), but the results always worth the time!

There was a big pain point in using DSLR T/S lenses: checking what you have done. The viewfinder isn’t enough for that with today’s high resolution bodies, so you have to zoom in and check different points on the image using magnified live view. The adjust either tilt or focus. Then check the points. Then refocus… I had some images where I spent more than half an hour on fine tuning focus!

I said “was” – as it was the case before Kuuvik Capture’s Split View feature came along. I’m using this since I was halfway into developing the first prototype, and man, it can save lots of time! No, it won’t think instead of you, but the ability to quickly and visually asses what you have accomplished is priceless. It is also a great tool for learning how to focus a tilt/shift lens.

So watch the video below, and if you are using a Canon EOS-1D X, 5D Mark III or 6D with any of Canon’s great tilt/shift lenses, then grab Kuuvik Capture’s beta now! It’s that good (OK, don’t believe me, try it for yourself ;)).

The First Kuuvik Capture Intro Video

During March we were filming a few intro videos to show off some of the coolest features of Kuuvik Capture. The first one, showing how I created my generator room photo is now online on Vimeo.

I recommend you to maximize it and turn HD on – and watch for the synchronization between the camera and the app.

Enjoy & share!