Windows 7 Does Not Recognize X-Rite Instruments

Installing Eye-One Match 3.6.2 failed to set up my i1 Pro spectrophotometer’s device driver. However, it is possible to install it manually (I heard the same from one of my friends using a ColorMunki).

Go to Computer Mangement, and from System Tools choose Device Manager. You should see your instrument under Other devices with a yellow sign on it.

Right click it, and choose Update Driver Software. On the dialog that comes up, choose Browse my computer for driver software.

Browse to the path displayed below (I’m running on a 64-bit machine that’s why I have Eye-One Match installed in “Program Files (x86)” – On 32-bit machines it will be under the normal “Program Files” folder). If you use different software, browse it’s main folder and check Include subfolders.

Click Next and the driver will be installed.

You can verify correct installation in Device Manager: there should be an X-Rite Devices folder with i1 Pro underneath.